If you don’t know what to get that special person for Christmas, that certain someone who has everything, then nothing could be more perfect than an annual bamboo toilet roll or kitchen paper subscription!

Just think about it. Toilet rolls are a product that most people use every day, all year round. They are bulky to carry, soon filling up your handbasket at the supermarket when you only popped in for a loaf of bread or a tin of beans. When you run out of them at home, it’s generally too late to jump in the car and quickly buy a pack and nobody has ever admitted to enjoying the sourcing, browsing, choosing, and purchasing of toilet rolls. Even in the darkest, most boring days of November, toilet roll purchasing does not fill most people with joy as an alternative leisure activity.

Buying an annual bamboo toilet roll subscription will be removing that commercial burden from your loved one, freeing up time in the supermarket to browse the frozen food section instead! No more worry about space in the basket, room in the boot of the car, or running out just when guests arrive.

Whenever there is an environmental emergency, an inch of snow forecast, or a European Union quarrel, it is always the toilet rolls that the UK public panic-buy – by making a subscription purchase, the recipient can sit at home in comfort watching the news coverage of toilet roll panic buying.

On a more serious note, Bamboo Toilet Rolls are a more environmentally friendly product. According to World Watch magazine, toilet rolls and toilet paper alone account for approximately 15% of global deforestation. The Canadian government’s Natural Resources Defense Council has stated that Canada’s Boreal Forest, the ‘Amazon of the North’, is under ‘severe threat’ from industrial logging – much of it for toilet paper and to supply our ever-growing appetite for toilet rolls. Swathes of Sweden’s Great Northern Forest are similarly under threat according to academics and scientists who monitor our use of these natural resources.

If there was ever a right time to switch from toilet paper to bamboo toilet rolls, then surely it is now. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet. It can grow 3 feet in height – nearly 100cm – in 24 hours. Unlike other woody plants, bamboo reaches maturity after only 3 – 5 years which means that it is one of the most sustainable resources we have on the planet.

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