We can’t help to think that, if trees had a voice, they’d be our biggest advocates! They’d be singing our praises from the rooftops (or the forests). I’m not sure if they’d truly appreciate the softness of pure bamboo toilet paper but the simple fact that no one would be chopping them down, turning them into pulp and then making that into loo roll … I can imagine they’d be encouraging everyone to go down the bamboo route.

And before we start feeling sorry for the bamboo over there … bamboo is a bit of an over-achiever actually. Producing many more shoots than it can actually sustain, long term (survival of the fittest and all that) plus it doesn’t die when our farmers take the massive stems. Next growing season, bamboo simply grows back bigger and better than before!

So if you were considering making a change to your toilet tissue brand, think about the trees and what they’d choose.