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We sell 100% bamboo toilet paper, facial tissue and kitchen rolls

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toilet tissue from tiboo

Bamboo Toilet Tissue

Our bamboo toilet rolls are kind to your skin and naturally hypoallergenic.

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kitchen towel

Bamboo Kitchen Rolls

Our pure bamboo kitchen rolls are strong and super absorbent, providing ultra sustainable cleaning.

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facial tissue

Bamboo Facial Tissue

Our pure bamboo facial tissues are super soft and great for your skin.

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Save more than just money when you order from Tiboo®find out how your order helps sustain the environment.


organic bamboo

Join The Revolution

It’s time to stand up for our environment, join us and help us fight against deforestation and the destruction of our ecosystem.

Panda Safe

We source our raw material from plantations that are far away from our panda friends.

The Sustainable Choice

Our pure bamboo toilet tissue has 65% less carbon than virgin toilet tissue and 35% less than recycled.

100% Tree Friendly

Tiboo® products contain 0% wood fibre and 100% bamboo.

The sustainable alternative to trees, our pure bamboo grows quicker than any other plant on the planet and up to thirty times quicker than trees. Pure bamboo doesn’t need to be replanted, instead it’s given a trim and will grow back fully within months unlike trees that take over 30 years to regrow.

Tiboo® Pure Bamboo will produce 35% more oxygen than trees and is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

If you want the most sensational toilet tissue that is silky soft and great for your skin, or a kitchen towel that is as strong as an ox then step inside and join us.

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Free Delivery on All UK Orders